Secure Behavior Doesn’t Happen by  Chance

Cyber criminals prey on human nature to gain advantage. They painstakingly research and plan multi-faceted attacks.
And it works. Human error—whether it is falling for a phish or bypassing security protocols—plays a role in 90% of all
To defeat these relentless attackers, your security awareness program needs to be just as carefully crafted.

The Human Firewall 2.0™ security awareness program from Global Learning Systems helps you Change Your Employees from Threats to Assets™ with a comprehensive package of cyber security training and reinforcement, phishing simulation, strategic program planning and support. GLS has been developing behavior change programs for over 30 years. See the difference our experience makes in creating a cybersecurity culture in your organization.

What Our Customers are Saying

Well defined security content, professional services were key to our success.
At no point did any GLS representative leave us on our own until we were completely comfortable.

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Company

We availed ourselves of [GLS’] professional services to help us to schedule and deliver the content to our users in a structured fashion,
which was the key to our success…we couldn’t have gotten it done without their awesome team.

Telco Ops and IT Manager

The GLS team…understands what you want because they ask the questions to understand your needs and requirements.
They set realistic expectations for project timelines and deliver before the timeline.

Healthcare Company

Global Learning Systems provided a quick, manageable solution for my Security Awareness Training needs. I received a dedicated creative resource
within GLS to assist me with customizing our training module…I feel fully supported and valued as a customer.

Risk Manager

Your material (training content) is amazing and well thought through!

CISO, Global Non-Profit Organization
Carefully-designed program materials change behavior and help build a security culture
Program materials are kept fresh to ensure users can better protect your organization
Simplified options get you started quickly or you can customize program materials
Service You get outstanding service regardless of company size or security awareness maturityReturn We provide behavioral metrics that help you measure and optimize your programHow Can We Help You?

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