Mobile Security Training for Your Data and Devices

Don’t underestimate the value of mobile security training for executives, especially when the data and devices belonging to senior business leaders are a cyber criminal’s favorite target. They typically contain high-value sensitive data and login details to corporate sites that can be exploited for financial gain or espionage activities. Busy executives might not keep mobile security top of mind, and that can make their devices easy targets, especially when traveling or using public Wi-Fi networks.

The most common way of compromising an executive is with the social engineering tactics used in whaling attacks, through multiple channels including emails, social media and phone calls. These whaling attacks are fueled with data from social media sites which can be shared unwittingly with the wrong people. Hackers use these sites and individual social media posts to develop detailed profiles of executives that make their attacks very convincing.

This mobile security training is designed to help mitigate that risk. It covers a wide range of topics that help senior leaders start thinking about cyber security and protecting their data and devices. This module is part 1 of the series on Leading a Secure Organization, and it focuses on the business leader as a high-value target for cyber adversaries. Topics include:

  • Securing social media presence, including being cognizant of what gets posted
  • Recognizing and preventing social engineering attacks
  • Securing mobile devices during daily use and while traveling
  • Creating strong, secure passwords

Duration: 15 minutes

Your Data and Devices
  • Building Block

  • Security Awareness

  • Best Practice Module