Security Awareness Training Employee security awareness training is the formal process in which your employees learn the best practices for computer and online security in the workplace. It encompasses the policies and procedures that you enact as an employer so that customer and company information does not get compromised. Your workforce needs to be aware of how to stay secure so that irreparable damage isn’t done to your organization in the event of a breach or other major security threat.

Staying secure in the workplace starts with quality security awareness training. Here’s why security awareness training has great value for your organization in both the long and short term.

So What is Employee Security Awareness Training?

We live in the information age and the way that information is handled in the workplace is constantly changing. Your employees need to stay up-to-date on the best practices for staying secure in the office, when using portable devices outside of the workplace, on social media, through email, and much more.

Hackers strive to be one step ahead of security professionals and the people who they train. With proper security awareness training, your employees can learn how to take preventative measures against data breaches and other security threats before they become serious. Your employees should also be trained in the actions that they need to take after a breach has occurred, since the cost of being unprepared and doing nothing as a result is incredibly high.

In complying with both industry standards and regulations, it cannot be assumed that your employees already know these practices. If they used these skills in previous jobs, they may also be outdated and therefore in need of training.

Industry Standards and Regulations

Each industry has specific standards and regulations when it comes to the handling of information as well as state regulations that you need to be mindful of.

For example, healthcare organizations must comply with HIPAA when it comes to keeping patient data private. Organizations that must handle personally identifying information (referred to as PII) must comply with federal regulations and your employees must be aware of how to handle this information securely while remaining compliant with the law. Additionally, different industries are held to specific standards (opposed to staunch regulations) when it comes to the way that data is handled and kept secure.

Compliance with these standards and regulations is important for your organization to function and since the standards and practices for compliance frequently change, regular employee training on annual basis may be necessary for your organization.

Types of Employee Training Programs

Employee training programs need to take your industry and organization size into account, current security policies and procedures, as well as any other security concerns that your organization has. When devising a security awareness program, there are key elements that should be present in each one such as work area security and authentication.

There are other employee training programs that are tailored to specific needs:

A general security awareness training program is an excellent choice to start with, and it can always be tailored to your industry and organizational security concerns. Some training programs only need to be completed once while others (primarily those meant for compliance and security threats that constantly evolve) need to be undertaken annually.

No matter your industry or the size of your organization, Global Learning Systems offers adaptable employee training that can fit any workforce. Our Employee Security Awareness training course will keep your employees up-to-date on current cybersecurity regulations and best practices for nonprofit, government, and corporate organizations. Contact us today to learn more!