It’s important to stay aware of recent threats to know how to prevent breaches and stay protected. In this blog, I discuss and define Botnet, a malicious software that can override your computer.

What is BotnetFirst, what is a Botnet?
As mentioned above, Botnet is the distribution of malicious software that can override your computer like a disease. When this happens, your computer can be preset to perform tasks over the Internet without you even knowing. The reason this threat become such a battle is because the immense amount of correlation from one main source that trickles down into thousands of programs.

A recent post from Bank Info Security suggests that the reason for the increased amount of cybercrime is not the attackers themselves, but the “poor internet hygiene” of computer users. Continuing on to say “because end users are not keeping software and patches on their computers and websites – such as blogs built on WordPress – up to date, cybercriminals have found devices and sites easy to compromise.” This brings up a good point because most users are not conscious that their server has been compromised and do not take seriously that malware protections are essential.

What We Know:
The most common two basic strategies to penetrate your computers defenses according to are…

  1. They install malware on a computer by taking advantage of unintended vulnerabilities in its software or by breaking into accounts guarded by weak passwords.
  2. They try to trick you into installing their malware.

Here are a few tips Microsoft suggests you do to strengthen your computers defenses.

  1. Install antivirus and antispyware programs from a trusted source
  2. Keep all software up to date
  3. Use strong passwords and keep them secret
  4. Never turn off your firewall
  5. Use flash drives cautiously

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