Security Awareness tipsHappy Holidays to all from our team at Global Learning Systems!

We continue to focus on holiday security to ensure your holiday doesn’t get ruined and to keep you and your business protected this season. Take a look at these holiday information security do’s and don’ts.

Do take measures to prevent security breaches.
Perhaps the most important part of preventing a security breach is paying attention and staying vigilant. Don’t get the “it won’t happen to us” complex. It can, and it will if you do not take the appropriate measures to ensure your data is secure.

Do secure your electronic devices.
This is a give in, but a necessary reminder. Make sure that all electronic devices are secure in location and access. PC cable locks are advisable. Laptop computers should be stored in a locked location.

Do update passwords.
Be sure to use passwords and to update them. Passwords are the first safeguard in protecting your data. Strong passwords (i.e. not bill123) are important.

Do pay attention to your internet security.
Make sure your antivirus, spyware and firewall are running or enabled. Secondly, make sure these programs are receiving the necessary updates on a regular basis.

Do back up your data.
It is absolutely imperative that you back up your data on a daily basis. Ideally, data is backed up in a location separate from the office. Data stored in an off-site location is more secure in the case of an on-site breach or loss.

Don’t keep all of your data on a mobile device.
Storing all of your data on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop is a bad idea for the simple fact that these devices are mobile. They can easily be picked up and taken away. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Don’t carry sensitive information on mobile devices.
Again, mobile devices are easily stolen. Sensitive information on a mobile device is extremely vulnerable. If the device carrier sets it down at the grocery store and forgets, sensitive information is readily available to whomever picks up the device.

Don’t leave offices and drawers unlocked.
Basic security practices should not be ignored. Be sure to lock doors, windows, cabinets and individual offices.

Don’t underestimate internal security breaches.
Unfortunately employees are often the source of a data breach. Don’t underestimate your own staff and be vigilant and aware about what is going on. This leads us right into our next “don’t”.

Don’t forget about security audits.
Remember to employ your program’s security audit features. Pay attention to who is accessing what data and what kind of messages are being sent. This can cue you in when there is an internal breach going on.

Wrap Up
Keeping your information secure requires being vigilant and paying attention, even during the holidays. Remain aware and don’t use the holidays as a “break” from security. Security is especially important right now. If you have any questions about maintaining security and compliance, Global Learning Systems is happy to assist you.

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