Managed Services for Security Awareness Program Implementation

For organizations that need annual planning and continuous course implementation, Global Learning Systems is your full-service learning partner. We bring your selected products and services to life as a robust, continuous security awareness program.

GLS provides you with an annual plan that coordinates the delivery of your selected materials in the most effective manner to your targeted audiences. We consult with you on an ongoing basis and help you monitor progress and evaluate key performance indicators. As your first program year nears an end, we’ll help you begin planning for years 2, 3, and beyond to ensure that your security awareness program maintains secure behavior and nurtures the growth of a security culture.

Program Setup and Monitoring

Our managed services process begins at the outset of your interaction with us, typically starting with an assessment to evaluate your users’ baseline awareness. From there, we help you select the program elements that will achieve your goals and provision and configure the GLS OnDemand learning portal with your selected courses. Alternatively, customers may elect to receive their courseware as SCORM-conformant packages for use within their existing learning management system.

The setup process also includes any customization, translation or localization of your program materials. You may elect to receive materials in any of our 14 core languages (as available) and you may also wish to customize our off-the-shelf courseware to your unique terminology.

Our experienced program managers then monitor your training initiatives, performing periodic checks on progress and reporting on key metrics and recommendations for continued success.

Annual Planning for Continuous Learning

Your security awareness training and compliance program will be most effective with a commitment to making continuous learning an ongoing process. People can’t learn the behaviors that will keep your organization safe and compliant in just one sitting — they need reinforcement and multiple opportunities to learn new skills.

As your training partner, GLS focuses on helping you build a continuous educational program within your organization. We provide strategy, best practices and support to help promote positive culture and behavior change throughout the organization and throughout the year. Our team of experts works with you to craft a timeline of continuous learning activities based on your selected program materials. We recommend a series of campaigns, lasting from 8 to 12 weeks, that highlight a specific topic, such as phishing or strong passwords. Then, you can roll out program resources, like courses, short videos, posters, newsletters and more, to reach learners in different ways to introduce and reinforce key concepts.

Security Awareness Training Program Administration

With managed services administration, Global Learning Systems assumes the responsibilities of an in-house program administrator. We work with you to develop annual training plans, and we handle the administrative tasks of each program component, monitor all aspects of the program and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.

GLS offers three levels of managed service and managed phishing, as well as a la carte options for the service level that best fits your needs. When customers need support outside of our program administration service packages, GLS offers a team of experienced consultants. We can support your program success through activities such as strategic plan facilitation, tailored communication programs and champion program development.

Should a customer licensing our phishing simulation tool prefer to have the GLS team set up and run phishing campaigns on their behalf, we also offer managed phishing services. This is a great option for organizations new to running phishing security awareness programs and/or experiencing staff time constraints. Your assigned program manager will set up, obtain approval and launch your campaigns, including template customization, group setup, remediation workflows, deployment scheduling and reporting.