Annual Planning for Continuous Learning

Your security awareness training and compliance program will be most effective with a commitment to making continuous learning an ongoing process. People can’t learn the behaviors that will keep your organization safe and compliant in just one sitting — they need reinforcement and multiple opportunities to learn new skills.

As your training partner, GLS focuses on helping you build a continuous educational program within your organization. We provide strategy, best practices and support to help promote positive culture and behavior change throughout the organization and throughout the year.

Our team of experts works with you to craft a timeline of continuous learning activities based on your selected program materials. We recommend a series of campaigns, lasting from 8 to 12 weeks, that highlight a specific topic, such as phishing or strong passwords. Then, you can roll out program resources, like courses, short videos, posters, newsletters and more, to reach learners in different ways to introduce and reinforce key concepts.

You receive everything you need to make your campaigns successful, and Global Learning Systems is always available to provide recommendations and support.