Summer should be a time for relaxation. It is certainly the most popular time of year for vacations, time off and generally enjoying life. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop turning just because it has gotten warm out – and those who seek to harm you are just as likely to do it during the summer as any other time of the year.

It is incredibly important that you remain vigilant in regard to your cyber security throughout the year – after all, you never know when an attack will occur. Recent news certainly shows that data thieves don’t adhere to a specific schedule.

Heartbleed and Website Vulnerability
You only have to look back to the spring to see that nice weather doesn’t deter cyber-criminals. The Heartbleed bug wreaked havoc with major web players who should have known better – and their mistakes very well could have cost users. You can look to some of those major players as examples of what to do when you know you have poor online security – companies like Google and Yahoo fixed their issues as soon as they were apparent, helping to make sure their users wouldn’t suffer. As a consumer, you need to be even more proactive. Seek out any holes in your data security and make sure your system cannot be breached. It is up to you to retain awareness of your security, even if that means putting in a bit of extra effort.

The Russian Username Heist
Russian hackers stole over one billion usernames and passwords this summer in an astounding bit of cyber-crime that impacted almost half a million websites. These were not your average online criminals, of course, but they did take advantage of some of the same lax security measures that even the average data thief might use to get your data. Not only was the security on these sites particularly poor, but recent information has shown that the bulk of the impacted sites are just as vulnerable today as they were when the data was stolen.

What does that mean for you? That means you have to take action to make sure that your information remains safe. Even if you have been the victim of an online attack, you have to go back and make sure that you take care of the root of your problems. Failure to do so will leave you vulnerable for future attacks.

There’s no time when you can let your guard down about your personal information. Try to avoid the mistakes of major companies and organizations and guard your data zealously. Always be on the lookout for holes in your security, fix problems when you can find them and always go the extra mile to stay safe. Doing so might take extra work, but it is far easier than trying to put your life back together after your personal information has been stolen.