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Just-in-Time Learning

just in time learning

Improve Performance with Just-in-Time Learning

Deliver effective just-in-time learning solutions that reach your workforce whenever and wherever they need it to do their jobs.

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly virtual workplace, learning a new concept or skill can’t and shouldn’t wait for that two-day class at the end of the month. To truly enhance job performance, learning opportunities need to be integrated and available within the workplace and workday.

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Case Study:

We worked with Discovery Education to create a program that would support science educators in using Discovery Education Science Connection (DESC) content in their classroom. 

The media-rich program, which was designed to seamlessly integrate with the DESC website, demonstrates the features of the DESC product and allows educators to practice using the Science Connection resources in a guided environment. The educators were able to access the training content where and when they were available.