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Blended Learning | Just-in-Time Learning | Product Marketing | ExperienceWhy GLS?

Reach your local or global audience quickly and efficiently with custom learning solutions and conserve the environment with a paperless classroom. You can even use our services for product marketing solutions to increase sales. Contact us today to share your training objectives and discover how we can assist you with our just-in-time learning.

Improving performance and enhancing the human capital of your organization is more important than ever, and with our help you can quickly and affordably develop and deploy blended learning solutions to reach your organization’s learning objectives with a maximum return on investment.

Our team of Project Managers, instructional designers, graphic artists, marketing and IT experts, and localization partners, will assist with establishing goals, creating engaging content, and helping you communicate to your unique populations (local and global). From design and development to implementation, evaluation and maintenance, our experts partner with you to deploy and manage an effective in-classroom and/or eLearning solution.

Blended Learning- Instructor-led education via classroom and eLearning

Providing a more integrated approach for educators and learners, media-rich eLearning combined with face-to-face education may be the right solution for your unique requirements. Supplying you with interactive media, posters, digital newsletters as well as instructor-led training on location, our team will help you develop and deploy the right program for your organization. We have experience with blended learning for diverse populations to meet your local and global audience.

Just-in-Time learning: Your training, when and where you need it

Find that specific topic you need right way with our quick search tool that puts relevant videos and articles at your fingertips, instantly.

Increase employee productivity or customer knowledge; or simply reduce the cost of in-house training and end-user support with interactive computer-based courses optionally equipped with quizzes and exercises. Courses can be designed to increase product knowledge for sales teams, nurture customer adoption and retention of your product or service, or to communicate any other message to your internal or public audience.

Online or offline. From your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Just-in-time learning materials are self-paced, modular learning tools that develop critical knowledge and skills and support ongoing performance in the workplace of today. Our fully-hosted OnDemand LMS solutions are available 24/7, 365 days, globally, and they augment your internal training programs so you can deploy, track, and even automate communication in the cloud.  

Product Marketing

Use compelling interactive media to educate your customers and inform their purchase decisions.

Use our OnDemand platform and rapid content development tools to quickly engage and educate your employees and your external customers on your products and services.  Our SaaS platform helps improve onboarding and drive user adoption and retention for our client’s services and technologies.

Case study: We worked with a global IT products retailer to create an interactive video environment that helps educators understand different types of technology available and the benefits of adopting them in the classroom. Engaging videos highlight features and differentiators of each technology and allow educators to build a business case for adoption. The program was designed to seamlessly integrate with the company’s website.

Areas of Extensive Experience

As a custom learning solutions provider with over 25 years of experience developing award-winning programs, we support the learning needs of our clients around virtually any subject matter. That said, we have developed numerous learning programs in certain content areas that, over time, have allowed us to gain expertise in training on those topics. These subjects include:

Proprietary and Enterprise Systems Training:

Custom systems training design is a core competency of our business. GLS employs a proven methodology to create highly interactive courseware featuring simulations of application functionality that provide learners the opportunity to See, Try, and Do by watching task demonstrations, engaging in the task with guided feedback, and doing the task on their own in both simulated and authentic system environments. 
Examples of our work include a suite of courses for a leading clothing retailer to support their transition to a cloud-based order management application and  a series of highly technical and customized SuccessFactors and Oracle courses and modules in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Our years of experience developing enterprise-level software and systems training means a tested process with measurable business results.

Business Processes & Principles Training:

GLS has a long history of supporting the business process improvement and change management initiatives of medium and large enterprises, including several Fortune 500 companies, with engaging custom learning solutions. We believe the keys to helping an organization embrace foundational process change include integrating the learning experience with the corporate culture, highlighting the benefits of and organizational support for change,  and demonstrating a clear, manageable path to implementation for both the organization and the individual. Our experience in this domain includes General Electric’s Six Sigma Greenbelt and Lockheed Martin’s LEAN Six Sigma elearning, United Technology Corporation’s proprietary quality assurance program online and classroom training, and our Intuitive Business Principles Training Program produced with our partner Human Capital Associates.
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Why eLearning? Promoting an environment for continuous learning

Organizations are coming to realize that learning is not a one-time event and that to be an effective learning organization; you need the culture and tools for continuous learning. In fact, in the learning industry research group Bersin & Associates’ The Corporate Learning Factbook® 2012, recognition of the need for “Continual Reinforcement” of learning was one of the key findings. This kind of repeated contact requires a range of formal and informal learning tools—from instructor-led and elearning courses, to online articles, to user-contributed videos and more—in a dynamic environment that is always within easy reach of your workforce.


Why choose GLS for your training?

For over 25 years we have designed and developed award-winning, engaging web-based and blended learning solutions, as well as scalable eLearning strategies for leading Fortune 500 enterprises. A recipient of a number of industry awards for programming excellence, GLS’s Security & Compliance programs were named “Best of ELearning” by ELearning magazine. Increase Sales through Product Knowledge