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Custom eLearning/Outsourced Learning Solutions

Our team helps organizations to rapidly develop and deploy award-winning learning solutions across the globe. We specialize in the development of innovative learning programs that engage your audience, while always considering your business and performance goals. Our programs employ proven learning strategies such as video-based simulations, scenario-based activities, and blended learning.

These strategies are implemented with a combination of web-based training, webinars, traditional or virtual classroom delivery, and collaborative tools. We offer a streamlined process for transforming your subject matter into a media-rich, effective learning program. For more information on custom learning click here.

Security and Compliance Solutions

Our Security and Compliance solutions incorporate our OnDemand LMS hosting capabilities, localization options, communication strategies, optional customization features and additional materials for change management, culture change and continuous learning. Our compliance course library includes courses on Security Awareness, PCI DSS, HIPAA & HITECH, PII, Responsible Use of Social Media and Privacy Act. 

Whether you need a single course or want to create a continuous culture of awareness through multiple channels, our solution has the tools to meet compliance and keep organizations secure. We have a complete awareness plan for continuous education that can include posters, mini-modules, role-based courses, videos from management, newsletters and more.

Software and Migration Support

Software migration support includes course-delivery in our fully hosted OnDemand LMS with customized support for your Microsoft Office or windows migration, globally. This can include localization, change management, communication strategies, end-user helpdesk integration, course customization, and reduced end-user support costs. To learn more about our IT course offerings, visit our sister company, KeyStone Learning Systems.

Product Marketing and Knowledge

Successful sales, particularly of today’s more complex offerings, often depend upon your ability to educate your sales force and potential clients on the value proposition of your product or service. Traditional marketing generally does not offer enough depth to accomplish this and traditional training offers far too much. We offer a host of interactive media options to fill this gap between marketing and training.

Several Communication Goals of our Training Solutions have Included: