Developing and sustaining an effective security culture helps mitigate against a range of threats that could cause physical, reputational or financial damage to an organization. Security culture refers to a set of shared values that influence people’s approach to security. Getting this right helps develop a security conscious workforce, and promotes desired security behaviors.

While most security and compliance teams are leading the charge with state of the art tools to secure your organization, if you aren’t engaging your employees, you’re neglecting both your biggest risk and your greatest asset. And, as the workplace extends beyond physical office boundaries, the risks increase.

Organizations face two big challenges when it comes to strengthening their human firewalls: the bad guys’ tactics are always evolving; and changing human behavior is a continuous, complex process. Traditional security awareness programs are not enough—you need to develop Security-Minded Employees. 

In this webinar, Larry Cates, President, and CEO and Amy Holloway, Product and Learning Solutions Director at Global Learning Systems will discuss:
• Key components of a security culture
• Practical steps for maturing your security culture and tailoring it to your organization
• The characteristics of a security-minded employee
• Metrics for measuring culture in your organization
• Maintaining the security mindset in and out of the office

Developing Security Minded Employees

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