Security Awareness Training Online

There’s little doubt that security threats have multiplied dramatically and hackers have become much more sophisticated. Organizations are under attack from all directions as cyber crime has become big business. While many organizations invest in protection technologies, technology can’t be successful without cybersecurity awareness training for employees.

Online security awareness training from GLS drives positive employee behavior changes that helps protect your organization. As your first line of defense against the bad guys, your workforce must take personal responsibility to safeguard the organization and its information assets. GLS provides engaging and varied training program materials that reach learners in different ways.

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Employee Security Awareness and Cybersecurity Training

Benefits of Security Awareness Training

Beyond the goal of protecting your organization from cyber threats, security awareness training has additional benefits:

Build a Security Minded Culture – Employee security awareness training contributes to a purposeful approach to creating a company culture that values secure practices. Training, when coupled with rewards and recognition, provides employees with the information and the motivation to keep the company safe.

Instill Best Practices – Employees are usually well-intentioned, but often don’t know the best security practices for certain situations. Training gives them standards and sets expectations for what they should do, for example when selecting strong passwords or preventing an unauthorized visitor from entering the office. .

Avoid Costly Breaches and Down Time – Effective training keeps employees from making mistakes that take time and money to fix. Data breaches can result in costly fines, irreparable reputational damage and lost business. And, any security issue has to be addressed by IT resources whose time is expensive.