Anti Phishing Training and Simulated Phishing

Employees need ongoing antiphishing training and simulation tests to detect the latest scams, especially since phishing attacks are continuously getting more sophisticated, and social engineering attacks can have costly consequences, such as compromised data and damaged networks. 

Online anti phishing training from Global Learning Systems teaches employees about phishing and social engineering threats using an interactive, scenario-based format. The inclusion of gamification and achievement elements engages the user while building understanding of how the attacks work and how to handle them. The goal is to foster positive behaviors using the right balance of education, reinforcement, practice and rewards. 

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Show Users How to Avoid Phishing

Phishing Simulation and Social Engineering Testing

Are you confident your employees can differentiate between a legitimate email and a targeted phishing email from a malicious attacker? Simulated social engineering and phish testing present learners with real-world workplace scenarios, such as potentially malicious emails and bogus websites. When combined with anti phishing training, a simulation tests users’ responses and follows-up with targeted education.

Our phishing simulation platform provides the tools you need to test your employees’ ability to resist these types of attacks. And, because the testing tool is integrated with the GLS OnDemand platform, you can simulate an attack and intervene with just-in-time training.

Create simulated phishing exploits that look identical to real malicious threats, then, choose what will happen if a user falls victim to the attack and clicks a link. Not only can the user be taken to a page that explains their error, he or she can be automatically enrolled in a reinforcement training program.

Phish Testing

Managed Phish Testing Services

Phishing simulation is most effective when it is conducted at regular intervals throughout the year, in conjunction with a continuous security awareness and anti phishing training program. But not every team has the time to plan, execute and report on phishing simulations.

GLS can manage your phishing simulation program so it provides the frequency and level of difficulty that achieves your objectives.