Human Firewall 2.0™ Security Awareness Training Program

Educated and informed employees are your first line of defense for safeguarding your organization from threats like malware, phishing and ransomware. But many companies don’t know where to start with choosing the security awareness and anti-phishing components that will make the biggest impact, especially when there are thousands to choose from.

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human firewall blocks strong foundation

Start with a Strong Foundation

Start with a Strong Foundation

Our Human Firewall 2.0 program gives you a framework for tailoring a training and reinforcement program to your unique needs. You’ll start by choosing one or more foundational blocks that include broadly-themed security and data protection content and courses

human firewall blocks add blocks

Add Building Blocks

Add Building Blocks

Once you have your foundation in place, select your in-depth topic blocks. These materials provide more detail on specific problem areas that your organization may face, like ransomware, mobile device safety or password protection.

human firewall blocks refine and grow

Refine and Grow

Refine and Grow

As your organization’s security culture matures, you can add and substitute blocks into your program. GLS regularly releases new or updated courses and adds to existing blocks as the threat landscape evolves. As long as you renew your block license, you receive updates to the block materials.

What’s in a Human Firewall Block?

Global Learning Systems has taken the guesswork out of building a security awareness program by focusing on only the most relevant content, arranging it in logical blocks and helping every customer find the right set of materials for their needs.

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