SMB Security Training

Small and Medium Business (SMB) security is a growing concern, especially since small and medium businesses are increasingly becoming targets for cyber-attacks.  Most SMB companies are considered “soft targets” because they perceive themselves as “too small to be a target.” In fact, 65% of all network breaches happen in the SMB community and over 90% of those breaches are caused by “human error”.  The Human Firewall 2.0 program from Global Learning Systems gives you a range of packages, including our unique Base packages, as well as our robust, comprehensive and customizable packages.  Allowing you to target training and reinforcement materials to your most immediate security needs and helping you strengthen your Human Firewall.

Base SMB Security Package – How Does it Work?

Our Base packages take the guesswork out of determining vulnerabilities and selecting necessary training. With our turnkey solutions, we’ve paired one of our targeted Foundation blocks with three of our more specialized Building blocks to address the security challenges faced by small and medium businesses.

You simply select the Foundation block topic that best meets your needs and receive the corresponding Building block topics. With each block, you get a robust set of multi-modal learning and reinforcement materials.

Focus on Cybersecurity Awareness

human firewall security plan blocks

If small business security awareness training is new to your organization and you want to establish a baseline of awareness, consider the General Cybersecurity Awareness package, where you’ll receive one foundation block and three building blocks that cover the essentials.

Focus on Anti-Phishing Awareness

human firewall antiphishing plan blocks

If you would like to focus on the number one user-related cybersecurity threat, the Anti-Phishing Awareness package provides in-depth instruction for avoiding complex attacks, ransomware and social media threats.

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Additional Components: HR, Compliance and Customization

Scalable, Customizable and Comprehensive Solutions

If you’re looking for more options and would like more flexibility in choosing your blocks, consider our Essential, Standard or Comprehensive plans. We’ll work with you to help you select the blocks that best meet your small business security needs.

human firewall essential plan blocks

Essential Plan

Essential Plan

If you are just beginning a security awareness program or are ready to move beyond a single course approach, consider our Essential plan, where you’ll receive one foundation block and three building blocks.

human firewall standard plan blocks

Standard Plan

Standard Plan

If you’re further along with security awareness and providing regular training throughout the year, the Standard plan provides additional flexibility and variety with two foundation blocks and six building blocks.

human firewall comprehensive plan blocks

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

If you’re pursuing a more intensive, role-based learning strategy, the Comprehensive plan provides the maximum number of blocks (four foundation and twelve building blocks) so you can select the most meaningful courses for the target roles.

Additional Components:
HR, Compliance and Customization

  •  HR & Compliance Training

  • Hosting in OnDemand LMS

  •  Phishing Simulation Tool

  •  Assessment Builder

  •  Program Management

  •  Customization and Localization