Cyber Security Awareness Training and Anti-Phishing

Poor cyber security awareness, password strength and constant phishing attacks continue to be the leading causes of security incidents. Your ability to protect your organization’s data and financial assets depends on changing the risky behavior of your workforce.

Securing Your Human Firewall® doesn’t happen overnight, or with one training class a year. It takes commitment to ongoing cyber security awareness training and it pays off when you reduce security incidents that could cost millions.

Global Learning Systems offers security awareness training and anti-phishing testing programs for organizations of all sizes, budgets and needs. No matter where you are in your security awareness journey, we’ll guide you with the strategy, courseware and reinforcement materials you need to Strengthen Your Human Firewall®.

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cyber security awareness training for employees

Human Firewall 2.0™ Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

human firewall all plan blocks

GLS’ Human Firewall 2.0™ program for cyber security awareness training is a flexible framework that delivers blocks of courseware and reinforcement materials. You assess learners’ knowledge and select program blocks on the topics needed to fill the gaps. Every block contains the multi-modal materials needed to make a lasting impact on behavior, especially when used in the context of an annual security awareness and anti-phishing training plan.

Human Firewall 2.0 is specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and mid-sized to large enterprises.

Solutions that Fit Your Organization

Value-Added Tools & Services

As part of our total offering, Global Learning Systems offers a full range of value-added tools and service options.

Specialized Security Training for IT Professionals

IT professionals are expected to have a higher level of expertise in all technical matters, but in reality, not all are cyber-security experts. Global Learning Systems offers specialized, role-based training for IT professionals covering more technical aspects of cyber-security awareness, as well as secure coding practices for developers.

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