Smartphones are a veritable treasure trove of information, storing everything from bank passwords, personal photos, and email to family budgets (though this isn’t the best channel to store financial information). If these devices are lost or stolen, this sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands, putting your professional and personal information at risk. Explore the following ways to protect your data from prying eyes in case it is ever lost or stolen.
Several companies offer applications that will wipe the data from your phone if it is lost or stolen. Apple’s operating system has a built in protection that will wipe the data from your phone after 10 unsuccessful password guesses. For Android users, cloud-based apps will allow you to log in and delete everything in your phone, from photos to videos, downloads and application data.

Workplace Security and Mobile Data

With organizations increasingly embracing the benefits of mobile technology, there has never been a greater need for data security. Implementing a system for wiping data in the case of a breach is crucial in protecting trade secrets and other professional information.

There are many reasons that you may need to remove data from a mobile phone or tablet. In the case that you have to dismiss an employee involuntarily, it is essential to remove any company work products from their devices. Mobile apps allow you to use a Web-based interface to perform this action, and you can erase the information even if they are still in possession of the device.

Engage Your Staff

One of the best ways to protect your sensitive workplace data is to enlist your staff to practice security techniques and to protect the company’s information assets. Implement a training program that will teach your staff to spot malware and avoid downloading harmful files to their mobile devices. Companies like Global Learning Systems offer interactive online training that you can conduct right from your office.

Programs like these teach your staff how to identify phishing and other threats that could result in malware being downloaded to their company issued devices. These programs will also teach them the importance of securing their devices to guard them against theft. Simple preventative measures can save your company money and allow you to protect data in the case of loss.

Apps and Malware

While mobile applications have simplified operations for both individual and business users, they have also provided an easy way for scammers to gain access to sensitive user data. This can derail your company’s operations and wipe out your systems and information. Personal mobile device users who are hit by malware often lose all of their stored data, passwords and financial information.

A malware app can be even more devastating for businesses. These apps can easily track your financial data, email passwords, company intranet and trade secrets. There are anti-malware apps that will protect your mobile devices from viruses, spyware and other security threats.

Protecting your mobile devices from data loss and malware is essential to keeping your information safe. Take steps toward securing mobile devices in case of loss or theft & mobile malware tied to apps.

Securing Mobile Devices in Case of Loss or Theft

The first step in securing mobile devices in case of loss of theft happens before the device is lost or stolen. Including security features like automatic data wipe after incorrect password attempts, GPS tracking and cloud based remote wipe programs can help stop data breaches in their tracks.