Check Learners’ Progress with Cybersecurity Assessments

IT security risk assessment is critical in evaluating the knowledge of your company’s users and comprehension of their annual cybersecurity awareness training. Cybersecurity assessment is used before and after training, or at any point in-between to determine whether the information is being retained by employees and can be applied when it matters most for your organization’s safety.

Global Learning Systems provides our standard SecureGenius IT security risk assessment with every Human Firewall 2.0 plan. But many organizations want more, and that’s where Assessment Builder — a premium feature of GLS OnDemand — comes in.

What makes our IT Security Risk Assessment different?

Assessment Builder contains a library of questions directly related to our courseware offerings, and enables you to do the following:

  • Edit SecureGenius assessments — You can use SecureGenius assessments out of the box, or use Assessment Builder to edit them with language that reflects your environment and policies.
  • Create custom assessments — Select any number of multiple-choice or short answer questions from the library, or add your own questions to evaluate whether learners are meeting course goals. There’s no limit on the number of tests you can create.
  • Provide “test out” options — Use Assessment Builder to determine whether users have a sufficient command of the subject matter to allow them to test out of the course.
  • Conduct surveys — Assessment Builder can be used to survey users to determine future training topics or collect feedback on existing courses.
  • Employ different test delivery methods — With Assessment Builder, you can randomize test items, change the timing of the exam, alter the number of retries allowed and adjust the score needed to pass.

Ongoing cybersecurity assessments are needed to identify areas of weakness and reveal knowledge gaps. Based on assessment outcomes, you can make better-informed decisions about the next steps for user training.

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