Secure Coding With OWASP Top 10


Secure Coding With OWASP Top 10

Secure coding training – written by experts – to give developers and the teams that support them the tools they need to create software that is hardened against the most popular means of attack

Course Description

Focus on the bigger picture of your developers’ role as a security position in your organization, and it will change fundamentally how they program. Our Secure Coding online course with OWASP certification does more than “check the box” to say your developers have been trained. Each of the 10 modules is devoted to one of the OWASP Top 10 risks and provides detailed explanations of the vulnerabilities and how/why they exist.

OWASP course modules are accompanied by thought-provoking scenarios and custom images and diagrams that focus on the fundamental risk and its solutions/mitigations. The program includes real-world examples and focuses on recommended standard appsec training requirements. Our secure software development training examines the use of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, APIs, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile application development and blockchain, and their particular vulnerabilities.

Topic IT Professional/Developer
Delivery Format Courseware
Role/Audience App/Software Developer Role-Based
Total Time  Six (6) Hours
Building Block IT Professional
award for secure coding

This award-winning secure coding training:

  • Is created for developers, by developers (turned cybersecurity training professionals)
  • Provides the depth of a boot camp in 6 hours of modular, self-paced online learning
  • Engages learners in hands-on problem solving using authentic language and platform-agnostic examples
  • Addresses the complete OWASP Top 10 and beyond, with additional content for emerging technologies

Course Curriculum


Module 01: Injection 7980

Module 02: Broken Authentication and Session Management 7982

Module 03: Sensitive Data Exposure 7983

Module 04: XML External Entities (XXE) 7984

Module 05: Broken Access Control 7985

Module 06: Security Misconfiguration 7987

Module 07: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) 7988

Module 08: Insecure Deserialization 7989

Module 09: Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities 7990

Module 10: Insufficient Logging and Monitoring 7991

Upon Completion, Learners Will Be Able To

  • Describe each of the OWASP Top 10 risks and the common activities that might lead to the introduction of these vulnerabilities

  • Explain how the issues can be exploited, as well as the security vulnerabilities they create for both standard and emerging technologies

  • Identify how the OWASP Top 10 framework helps to address secure coding requirements for common cybersecurity protocols/frameworks (PCI, NIST, etc.)

  • Describe various methods of mitigating or preventing each risk and download a comprehensive job aid for easy post-training reference

  • Identify resources for gaining additional information useful in identifying, mitigating and repairing issues caused by the OWASP Top 10 issues

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