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Serving the Government                       

As a veteran-owned small business in the Washington, DC metro area, our team has helped dozens of agencies across the Federal, DoD, and Homeland Security space to strategize, develop and promote effective human capital training and productivity solutions across the enterprise, that support each agency’s mission and close critical competency and skills gaps.

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Our human performance and technology specialists combine proven training and communication strategies with the latest tools and technologies to craft a tailored training product or program that delivers results. Our industry partnerships, along with our IT Schedule 70 allows us to work efficiently and effectively with our government clients. The on-going transition of new Government employees, combined with the loss of human capital is placing increasing demand on federal agencies, and we can help you build an effective learning and knowledge management culture that ensures you achieve your performance goals and maintain a continuum of knowledge within your agency.

Government Customers Include: DoVA, DOJ, DoEd, DOE, SBA, NTSB, CPSC, USHMM, AOC, USAID, DHHS, DOD, Navy, Army, USAF, USMC, USNG, GSA, NIH, DOT, DoL, OTI, USDA, NASA, NSA

Customizable, Off-the-Shelf Compliance Training

GLS provides a full library of security awareness and compliance training courses that are tailored and compliant with federal standards, including the following: Security Awareness Training, PCI Training, Ethics Training, HIPAA Training, PII Training, Social Media Compliance, Anti-Phishing Training, Privacy Act Training, and Role-based courses. (Learn More Here)

Federal Contracting

For over 20 years Global Learning Systems has been providing agency level customized and COTS based providing compliance and custom eLearning and blended-learning solutions to Federal, state, and local governments. Our government services team is dedicated to providing your organization with the solution you need to meet Federal requirements and standards. We have extensive experience with government contracting and work with your CTR to propose, execute, track, and report on each project, providing visibility throughout the process.  As an experienced small business solutions provider we have also engaged with numerous industry partners to meet their client’s learning and development needs. 

Custom Learning & Development

Our custom development and learning services are fully tailored to the needs and requirements of Federal government, from meeting ADA standards for Section 508, to providing tailored programs that include each agency’s local policies and procedures, our solutions meet or exceed the applicable federal standards and regulations.  We have a full, in-house development team focused on government learning and development. Working with our industry partners and clients, GLS provides Project & Program Management, Learning Strategy & Assessment, Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Digital Media Development, Production, LMS Hosting and Quality Assurance services for its various engagements. (Read more on custom learning here)

International Development

For more than two decades GLS has provided technical assistance in the design, development, implementation, assessment and management of technology-enhanced training solutions for an international community. Our clients include US government agencies, NGOs, multi-lateral donors, and other private organizations. We have supported USAID in areas such as economic growth, gender development, human and institutional capacity development, and proprietary systems with blended learning strategies including self-paced web-based training, live Webinars, online collaboration tools, and traditional or virtual classroom delivery.

Representative projects include:

  • USAID Economic Growth Blended Learning Curriculum
  • USAID Microenterprise Development Value Chain eLearning Curriculum
  • USAID Office of Transition Initiatives Database Management eLearning Program
  • USAID Human and Institutional Capacity Development eLearning Programs
  • USAID Gender Development Training Programs
  • International Monetary Fund: Information Security Awareness eLearning Program
  • US Green Building Council – Multiple Curriculum Development Programs

Through our industry partnerships, GLS has formed a dedicated USAID team that includes Project Management, Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Production and Quality Assurance. This relationship has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the agency, so that we can offer more tailored solutions to our USAID clients. This team has grown with our expanding USAID work and can be scaled up as appropriate to address the needs of OTI, with new members benefitting from the experiences of the current group.

OnDemand Learning Management (LMS)

The GLS OnDemand Platform was built specifically for compliance and eLearning deployment at an enterprise, agency-wide level.  This fully hosted solution includes tools for roll-out and deployment, onboarding, refresher training and continuous learning /awareness plans, tracking and reporting, automated follow up and reminders, certificates of completion, and a suite of content development and management tools. Our government clients use our hosted solutions for deployment within the US and globally to their workforce. (Read more)