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Education & Non-Profit

Working with Educators: K-12 & Higher Education

The education community has actively embraced technology for the organization, as well as the classroom environment.  This is driven by increased enrollment, new emphasis on data-driven decision making, and growing demand for the use of Web-based tools and applications to improve their productivity and performance.  GLS is pleased to help our colleagues in K-12 and higher education join in this movement to the 21st Century Classroom with learning solutions for their student and professional development communities. From completely custom training solutions to the use of our off-the-shelf courses within our hosted OnDemand LMS, we have worked with educators to provide various training for their learners.

We have worked with many leading clients in this sector, including: DeVry University, Chicago City College, National University, Northern Arizona University, Prince William County Schools, Loudoun County Public Schools, Archdiocese of New York, U.S. Department of Education and Discovery Education. We are also a proud partner of CDW-G supporting their K-12 customers’ learning  and development requirements

Working with Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations face many of the same challenges as the for-profit community, but their resources may be at an even greater premium. For over 25 years, GLS has helped our non-profit clients make the most of their resources and time with solutions scaled to fit budget requirements, while maintaining our standards for quality learning and knowledge programs. Our non-profit clients have included: American Automobile Association, American Red Cross, Goodwill Industries International, Green Building Certification Institute, International Monetary Fund, Joint Oceanographic Institute, and the US Green Building Council.


More information about our Services

OnDemand Learning Management (LMS)-Fully hosted for a global audience

Our scalable OnDemand LMS makes it easy for educators and any organization to quickly deploy training.  This fully hosted solution includes tools for roll-out and deployment, onboarding, refresher training and continuous learning /awareness plans, tracking and reporting, automated follow up and reminders, certificates of completion, and a suite of content development and management tools. Your learners can access training 24/7, worldwide with our platform. (Read more)

Customizable, Off-the-Shelf Compliance Training Solutions

GLS provides a full library of security awareness and compliance training courses that are tailored and compliant with federal standards, including the following: Security Awareness Training, PCI Training, Ethics Training, HIPAA Training, PII Training, Social Media Compliance, Anti-Phishing Training, Privacy Act Training, and Role-based courses.  (Learn More Here)

Custom Learning & Professional Development

Our custom development and learning services help you rapidly convert your professional development curriculum to an online, self-paced format for “Just-in-time” training.  From conception, creation, and implementation, to the evaluation of training programs. We have a full, in-house development team focused on creating courseware for specific learning goals.  As a proud partner of Education Collaborators, our team can provide consulting, strategic planning, technology integration, professional development and more. (Read more on custom learning approach here)