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Security Awareness Training

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  • Versions: Corporate, Government, General, Shorter Modules, Refresher Course, Role-based
  • Delivery: Hosted (web-based), LMS (SCORM)
  • Options: Off-the-shelf, Custom, Localization, SSO
  • Worldwide hosting through our content delivery network
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Online Employee Security Awareness Training

Building Your Human Firewall™ - Educate to Secure Your Workforce

With over 25 years experience, Global Learning Systems’ (GLS) online security awareness training for employees drives positive employee behavior change with our comprehensive web-based course library and communication resources. Our suite of scenario-based courses and modules can be quickly deployed to address your compliance and audit requirements, as well as customized to provide an effective client-tailored program.

Why GLS? Multiple industry publications have selected GLS’ corporate security training as the best learning program to advance workplace security awareness. Utilized and trusted by our long-term clients worldwide, our training solutions are flexible and scalable (Learn More About GLS).

Global Learning Systems Recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-based Training for Fourth Consecutive Year

Achieving a position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant serves as an objective reference for organizations seeking vendors that will meet their security awareness training needs. Meeting the objectives set by Gartner can demonstrate that a vendor’s offering is tailored to the real needs of the market.

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GLS Wins SC Magazine's 2017 Best IT Security-Related Training Program! learn more

Choose one, or bundle together several elements for your targeted program:

Information Security Awareness Training Courses

Select from our suite of online courses for your general audience that best fits your organization.

  • Options: 45-minute comprehensive courses as well as shorter 25-minute course versions for corporate and government clients.
  • Topics: These courses cover important topics including email safety, internet safety, mobile security, identity theft, physical security and phishing/social engineering, to name a few.
  • Format: Courses include scenario-based learning activities and built-in knowledge checks/quiz questions, and meet the following compliance standards: NIST, FISMA, SOX, GLBA. For role-based options click here.

Information Security “Best Practice” Modules Suite

  • Description: Promote continuous learning and behavior change with our suite of online scenario-based modules (avg. 7 minutes each) for your monthly or quarterly awareness program that weave essential security practices into learners’ everyday activities.
  • Topics: Choose from titles including “Working Securely at Home” and “Safer Social Networking.” Selected modules can be used as a complete security awareness curriculum or on a staggered timeline for frequent touchpoints with your audience. See the Course Topics section for additional information.

Host Courseware in our OnDemand Learning Portal

Our cloud-based LMS offers enterprise level tracking, automated reporting, follow-up, assessment creation, Single-Sign On availability, and more – click here for additional LMS features. Content can also be delivered in your SCORM conformant LMS.

Communication Resources

Our client-branded materials and resources include posters, newsletters, email templates, videos on key topics like “email phishing” or “social media safety,” and additional resources to provide consistent security communication. Examples provided upon request.

Localization for Global Audiences

Our courses are available in over 20 languages, and your content can easily be localized and translated into additional languages by our team.

Full Customization Options

Options include branding, incorporation of your unique policies, the inclusion of your resources such as Word (DOC) and PowerPoint (PPT) files, adding custom modules, and even creating completely custom courses.

Simulated Social Engineering Exploit Testing, Accompanied with Robust Phishing Awareness Training

Drive awareness to the number one attack used by cybercriminals. With a combination of our client customized assessments and targeted training, ensure employees understand and utilize best practices and implement them. Click here for more information on the course and services.

Security Awareness Role-based Training and Compliance Courseware

Courses include HIPAA, PCI, OWASP, Social Media Training, and Security Role-based courses to include options for IT administrators (Click here to see complete course list).

Long-Term Training Provider for Many Global Enterprises

The Human Firewall® is reinforced by a strong awareness program. Our products and services have been successfully implemented in international enterprises in the education, government, commercial and non-profit sectors. We produce trackable results and provide insight into the effectiveness and benefits of the e-learning solutions, creating long-term relationships with clients. By focusing on key topics and providing an annual plan that reinforces security throughout the year, employees will have the knowledge required to produce a more secure workplace, and with our reporting features and assessments, you can have confidence that your training is effective. Access our new paper titled "Investing in Security Awareness: A Complete Guide" for more information on current threats and how to protect your organization.

Industry Standards and Regulations

The GLS compliance course library covers basic federal and industry standards and regulations including NIST, FISMA, ISO, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, PII, COBIT, Red Flag. Working within a client’s framework, we also take into account companies’ diverse population of global cultures. From deployment to tracking and reporting, we can help you pass your audit with ease. Courseware also includes an optional certificate of completion for your employees.

For an outline of content covered in the general awareness course, click on the “Key Topics” tab. Click here to schedule a free demo and request a quote. Feel free to look at our pricing plans as well. 

It’s about more than just one course- Get a complete solution

Here at Global Learning Systems, we are excited to offer our customers various services in addition to our general awareness courses. Our overall solution includes roll out consultation, localization, training tools, Single-sign-on capability, mini-modules, roles-based options and a refresher course. Read below to see how each service can aid your overall roll out.

Your Global Audience is Covered- Many languagesCustom Poster

GLS provides global organizations with localization support worldwide, localizing your content to your unique population. We not only translate courses from English to another language but also take into consideration the cultural references and behavior of your specific environment, providing relevant images and examples. In addition to our off-the-shelf courses, we can localize your custom content to many languages required. We work with linguistic experts and certified translators to ensure your information is in the right dialect and meets your needs. We can localize courses, newsletters, security policies and any other supporting tools that aid your overall compliance solution. With our global content delivery network, you receive the same high-quality training and features from anywhere in the world.

Consulting and Roll Out Support to Aid your Training

Training roll out support includes best practices for program adoption, automated follow-up and audit reporting so you can meet your deadline with 100 percent compliance. With the right  plan, you can foster a more security-conscious environment, going beyond “one-and-done” to arm your employees with the knowledge they need to protect your information.

Single Sign-On for Quick Adoption

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows your Active Directory users to automatically log in and take training securely without having to enter a password.  SSO is based on Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), and it includes the following:

Mini-Modules Promote a Culture of Awareness

We can provide a number of short, to-the-point modules that you can release throughout the year to continuously promote a security minded culture. The modules focus on one topic each so your employees can be focused on, or reminded of, one security topic at a time throughout the year, or you many choose to spread out the modules over a different length of time. We will work with you to find the best schedule for your specific environment.

Role-based Courses for any Role of your Choice
We understand each organization has various roles that need to be targeted, and we can create a targeted course for any role of your choice.

In addition to our general awareness courses, we customize role-based courses to fit clients’ unique requirements for specific job roles. Some of the roles you may want specific training for include the following:

Refesher Course for Annual Awareness

Our refresher course is a great supplement to the general security awareness course. It is a 20 minute version of the (45 minute) standard course. This streamlined version is great as a stand-alone course or as a refresher for those who have already taken the standard version.

There are many different ways you can implement the refresher course in your overall solution. One implementation plan could be to initially roll out with the standard course, then annually your employees could take the 20 minute version as a refresher. Some choose to provide the refresher course initially, then take their learners into a more detailed course with the longer version. We work with our customers to choose the right plan for their unique requirements.

Featured Content Incident Reporting Quicklist Custom Content One Click Launch Reports and Automation

Every Course is 100 percent customizable for seamless integration

We know that every organization has unique training requirements, so whether it’s simply tying in local policies and regulations, or adding completely custom modules for specific needs, we work with your team to provide high quality training that meets your requirements. All of our courses, are 100 percent customizable. With over 25 years of custom content experience, GLS can develop content quickly and efficiently, helping you stay in budget while delivering a high-end product tailored to your organization.

Standard customization options we provide with every license include:

Additional Customization options include:


As an award-winning provider of compliance and knowledge solutions, we provide our clients with supplemental tools to aid their awareness initiatives. Complete roll out support can include webinars, posters, quick reference guides, newsletters, case studies, awareness campaigns, and videos from management.

Training Toolkit

This toolkit provides a clear direction and implementation plan for Security Awareness and it includes:


Communication Materials

GLS can provide posters, newsletters, handouts, brochures and existing material customized to client’s specific requirements.

Awareness Posters

Choose from our templates and brand the security awareness training posters to fit your environment. We also create custom posters for client-specific needs.

Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3 Poster 4

Poster 5 Poster 6 Poster 7 Poster 8

Customized Management Flash/Video Intro

GLS can develop a short introduction segment (2-3 minutes), such as a management video, to communicate the importance of the training and drive a more secure culture.

Additional Course Options

Our complete library includes Role-based training, Privacy Act, PII, Security Awareness, No Fear, e-Discovery, Ethics, Anti-Harassment, HIPAA & HITECH, PCI DSS, Responsible Use of Social Media and other compliances.

Additional Resources

LinkedIn IT Security Learning Professionals Group
This is a group for IT Security Awareness and Training professionals, including IT Security Managers, Compliance Managers, CISO's, CIO's and IT Project Managers.

Best Practice Modules Titles:

A set of short (average 7 minutes each) scenario-based modules that review and challenge users to apply security best practices to help our characters safely navigate commonly encountered risks and keep their organizations’ data secure. Deliver quarterly or monthly to your audience for short, to-the-point education. The titles are as follows:

Contact Us today for a quick demo and pricing of these modules.

Key Topics for Our Information Security Awareness Courses

Our security awareness courses include the option for 45-minute or 20-minute course versions for corporate and government clients. Topics of these courses include important security topics relevant for all end-users and include the following:

Contact Us today for a demo and pricing of our general awareness course options.

Award-winning Training for Powerful Results

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