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Knowledge Assessment Suite to Strengthen Your Human Firewall®

The building blocks of your security awareness program should be founded on your unique requirements, the security knowledge of your employees, and identified security skills gaps. This is why we have created the SecureGenius® security awareness assessment suite to assess the knowledge of your employees multiple times throughout the year, then intervene with relevant training based on the results of the assessments.

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Question Bank and Customized Delivery Options

The SecureGenius® question bank has pre-defined aligned to common risky user behavior for organizations to leverage, and the user assessment tool makes it simple for organizations to add new questions based on organizational policies or unique security concerns. There are a range of customization features to include randomization of test items, timing of the exam, number of retries and passing score. These added features enable you to set the goals of your assessments and adjust settings accordingly.

Immediate Intervention With Targeted Security Awareness Education

Once an end-user completes the assessment, he or she can view the test results and link directly to associated training content for immediate remediation of any security knowledge gaps. This creates a just-in-time learning approach where your employees are instantly provided with education based on their responses.

Enrollment in Various Levels of Education Organization-Wide

The OnDemand LMS offers organization-wide reporting on test outcomes  to identify major gap areas across your employee base and prescribe a targeted, organization-wide training program  based on those identified needs. Your users can be enrolled into various training levels, leveraging GLS’ comprehensive library of Security Short Videos, Information Security Best Practice Modules, and Information Security Awareness Courses. This provides you with many options for general user  and role-based training, covering the topics your employees need, when they need them.

Assessments Covering Key Security Awareness Topics

The SecureGenius® assessments cover key information security topics for organizations including phishing, data privacy,  insider threats, access controls, social engineering threats, password protection, internet safety, mobile security, and social networking threats.

Timing That Works For You

You can deliver SecureGenius® assessments:

We work with you to establish the plan that will provide the intel you need to effectively deliver a strong security awareness program and strengthen your Human Firewall.®