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Each year, organizations across the globe collectively lose hundreds of billions of dollars due to phishing attacks. We can help.

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Simulated Exploits With Targeted Phishing Awareness Training

Are you confident your employees can differentiate between a legitimate email and a targeted phishing email from a malicious attacker? PhishTrain, our phishing exploit testing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, provides the tools you need to easily test and assess your employees’ ability to resist these types of attacks. Integrated with our OnDemand LMS, PhishTrain enables your organization to simulate an attack and intervene with just-in-time training. It then automatically enrolls users in various levels of anti-phishing communication and training based on their reactions to various Phish threats.



Using the PhishTrain platform, create simulated phishing exploits that look identical to real malicious threats, using our ready-to-go templates, or by easily creating your own custom phishing emails from right within the platform.

You choose the landing page that will appear when the individual clicks a link within the email, and you can even incorporate a short phishing awareness video on the landing page for instant just-in-time training.


If users fall victim to your simulated Phish, they are immediately taken to a customizable, detailed landing page explaining the dangers of the actions they just took. Based on the user behavior, you can also determine if the user is immediately enrolled in our robust Anti-Phishing Essentials Training course with gaming elements (25 minutes of interactive education), or our Phishing Best Practice Module (7 minutes of scenario-based learning).

Additional options include animated Anti-Phishing Security Short videos that can be incorporated in your overall program to change user behavior and reduce the risk of security incidents. We also provide creative posters that help raise awareness of the need to recognize and properly respond various cyber security threats faced by the workforce.


The PhishTrain admin dashboard provides you with a quick snapshot of end user’ behavior and our custom reports provide you with the information necessary to gauge staff progress and accurately measure risk reduction.

We show you which employees clicked on the email, entered credentials, and which device they were on when they fell victim to the simulated attack.


The PhishTrain Platform

Leverage Our Industry Expertise

Create customized phish campaigns mimicking the latest threats in the marketplace and your industry with our Managed Services offerings.

Additional Services: SMiShing, Baiting, Phone Phishing

SMiShing, USB devices (baiting), dumpster diving, social networking probes, phone phishing, devices sent through the USPS mail, and social engineering scams are some of the additional services we can provide to help you test your employees and identify gap areas.

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