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GLS OnDemand Learning Management System™

All of your Training in One Place with our Learning Management System (LMS)

GLS OnDemandTM is our online training platform that enables organizations to quickly create, deliver and track training. All of our custom and off-the-shelf courses are available in this fully hosted GLS OnDemand Learning PortalTM, or can be hosted in your own SCORM conformant LMS.

Product Summary

Robust and easily managed, this GLS OnDemand™ Learning Portal includes innovative courseware management features, including: user, group, and course management; usage and completion reporting; knowledgebase articles; and access including user and administrator levels. In addition, the portal offers learner registration, web-based course delivery, reporting and tracking, pre- and post- tests (with random questions), course certificates, email notifications, secure report downloads and other administration features.

Compliance features include workflows (automated reminders), one-button reporting and instant communication based on those reports.

Transform your PowerPoint presentation, documents and videos into formatted courses for your learners, and easily create new content such as screencasts, articles and quizzes with the built-in features of the GLS OnDemand Learning Management SystemTM.

  • View all of your courses in one place
  • Add and track your own resources and courses
  • Create your own content with built in tools
  • Schedule automated reminders
  • Provide consistent training across your organization
  • Run custom reports with built-in user communication 

World-wide Hosting and Support

With our LMS, your learners can access training 24/7, globally right from their computer. Our courses can be hosted in your SCORM conformant LMS or in our fully hosted OnDemand LMS delivered on our Global Content Delivery network for fast, effective world-wide training. Our global content network includes monitoring, compliance, and support, allowing your users seamless access and consistent quality from anywhere in the world. You can also license the platform alone to create custom courses for your organization, and we can host your Third-Party SCORM Courses so all of your training is centrally located.

For more information on our market-leading training platform call or visit GLS OnDemand.

LMS Features

This self-service, branded support learning portal allows global 24/7, 365 days, delivery and includes user, group, and course management, usage and completion reporting, knowledgebase articles, and access including user and administrator levels.

Here are a few of our Global OnDemand Learning Mangement System (LMS) features:

  • User-friendly, intuitive design for fast, effective access to training resources
  • Interactive, media-rich courses with a personalized certificate of completion
  • Course reporting capability (client customizable)-Report on percent viewed and quiz score for more accurate data. Course status (user progress) and automatic course bookmarking.
  • Workflow Feature –automate follow up to end users to ensure compliance
  • Supports localization of courseware in many languages
  • Six user levels: Admin, Report Viewer, Group Report Viewer, Contributor, Helpdesk and User (you can also customize the function of each role)
  • Quick-Search: Our search engine is indexed, fast and utilizes operators so your learners can easily search for their training needs and find the related learning materials instantly
  • Customer branding: logo, colors, welcome page, your unique policies
  • Policy Acknowledgement: Add and track acknowledgement of your policies across the organization with a click
  • Custom content Authoring Tool – Intuitive and easy to use.  Add custom content without any special software or development skills, including categories, courses, screencasts, articles, quizzes and assessments, videos, and other content.
  • Assessment and Certification Tool: develop a full spectrum of customized evaluation instruments for your training programs ranging from informal quizzes to formal certification exams that promote individualized learning paths
  • Enhanced user interface designed for rich-media (Flash, video, etc.) learning environment
  • Secure password authentication and scalable database architecture
  • Active Directory (ADFS), Single Sign-On (SSO) user authentication through client’s enterprise environment
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Functionality: Through our API you can manage users and view course results from your website or application
  • Helpdesk support features including tie-in to your existing support ticket system, easy assignment to user Quicklists, and quick capture of common "how to" support items for automated, video-based support.

Build your Own Courses

Quickly design, develop, and deploy custom courseware from your existing PowerPoints, videos, or other documents with the OnDemand Course Builder tool.  You can also build content from scratch using the built-in article, video, and quiz builder capabilities. Our article format allows you to use both a WYSIWYG editor, or edit the source code directly.  

Upload existing videos, embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or create your own quick how-to videos with our built-in ScreenCapture tool that captures audio as well as video in the selected area on your screen. Add built-in exercises or quizzes /acknowledgements / knowledge checks to measure retention and engage the learner (including rich text and images), or build formal exam certification and assessments for controlled testing with random question banks, timed responses, and limited attempts.

Finally, live courses can be quickly and easily updated as required to keep your information current, and as soon as you hit save, your learners will see the most updated version.  The best part is, all of these components are easily managed, organized and updated in our intuitive course builder outline with a preview screen, content search, and course preview options.

At a glance, our enterprise training solutions and services:

  • Provide IT Security & Compliance Training Solutions (e.g. Security Awareness, PCI-DSS, Ethics/Code of Conduct, Privacy/PII, HIPAA,  Role Based SA, Using Social Media Responsibly and more).
  • Limit risk, exposure and possible reputation damage
  • Proactively mitigate user risk & unseen costs while addressing compliance/audit requirements
  • Comply with regulations, directives and standards
  • Integrate compliance measures into business processes
  • Attract and retain customers through liability reduction
  • Report and share information across the enterprise
  • Foster secure habits and behavior change at the employee level (posters, newsletters, themed communication/marketing plan, etc.)

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