Data Privacy and Data Protection

Since the passage of GDPR, data privacy and the need for privacy training have moved to the forefront of concern for organizations that handle any form of customer or employee data – in other words, every organization. In addition to keeping personally identifiable information and other sensitive data safe from hackers, businesses must also ensure that employees possess the critical knowledge needed to understand data privacy and practice safe data handling and regulatory compliance.

Consider these recent examples where privacy training could have made a difference:

  • In March 2019, US government agency, FEMA accidentally shared the private information of millions of disaster survivors with a third-party contractor.
  • According to a Symantec study, a staggering two out of three hotels websites end up leaking guest booking information.
  • A survey by Egress showed that 83% of security professionals believe that employees at their organization have accidentally leaked sensitive business or customer data.

The fact that many of these incidents are accidental shouldn’t go unnoticed. It means that employees simply don’t know that what they’re doing is unsafe and could be potentially jeopardizing sensitive data. Accidents involving email are particularly common, such as sending to a wrong email address, forwarding sensitive data, sharing attachments, and forwarding data to personal email accounts. Privacy training is an important component of any organization’s data privacy compliance plan.

Data Privacy Training

This course from GLS outlines the importance of data privacy in the workplace, including the three common categories of protected information. It also teaches the five-step process for handling private information and variations in privacy laws in the United States and abroad, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR. Users will learn best practices for protecting personal and corporate data throughout the day, and understand their personal responsibility for protecting the data of other employees and customers.

Duration: 35 minutes

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