Donate Securely

First we want to say our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families who were affected by the recent blast in Boston. There are no words to describe how sad this situation is.

It is amazing to see the support from people across the globe looking to find a way to help. While we encourage charitable donations, you do need to be aware of scams out there. It is absolutely horrible that some try to capitalize and scam during these situations, but we have already seen several tactics.

Both organizations and individuals need to be sure they know and understand where their donations are going and remain secure. There have been many reports of fake websites, sales of domain names, as well as false social media claims. Here are a three examples:

  • MSN reported that there was a Twitter account that claimed to be providing $1 for Boston Marathon victims for every retweet. This account was brand new, had limited tweets and followers. Those are signs of scams.
  • There have been phone calls for “Donations for the Boston Explosion.” If you get such a call kindly decline, report the caller and donate at your trusted source. Many claim to be receiving funds, but how do you know who is really on the other line?
  • This excerpt comes from The Domains blog:

    “There are now at least 125 domain names that have been recently registered relating to the explosions at the Boston Marathon today and most troubling many that look like charitable domains that can be be used to raise money for the victims.

    Over 20 of the domain .com/.net domains registered today sound like they could be used for fundraising efforts for the victims so we need to watch those to make sure they are only used by licensed and regulated charities.

    We noted earlier today, just minutes after the reports of the explosions hit the news, domain names related to the bombings were already registered and some parked by people looking to make money off the tragedy.  While we don’t know every registrants intention, we do know historically that many of the domain names registered immediately after were done to get traffic and make money parking domains or worse.”

The best way to donate
If you are able and willing to donate to the cause, the best way to give is through verified charitable organizations. Go directly to their websites and call the number they have listed.