Organizational Cyber Risk

Exposure to cyber risk should rank among the top business concerns at the highest levels of leadership, but it often takes a back seat to other types of risk that are taken more seriously, such as strategic risks when developing new products, compliance risk when entering new markets, financial risk when taking on debt or doing business internationally, and reputational risk when communicating via commercials and social media.

In this course from Global Learning Systems, organizational leaders learn the importance of evaluating cyber risk and incorporating that assessment into business decisions. When sensitive data is compromised due to breaches or when systems are compromised due to ransomware attacks, an organization can suffer significantly – affecting both the top and bottom line. In the years between 2013 and early 2019 all kinds of businesses — retailers, restaurants, hotels, credit reporters, and airlines — were affected by attacks, and tens of millions of sensitive records ranging from credit cards to social security numbers were compromised. Each incident resulted in short- or long-term consequences for the responsible party.

This course drives home the message for business leaders that cyber risk should not be taken lightly. Cybersecurity strategy is more than just technology; it involves people and practices working together to reduce the costs and risks associated with data breaches. The course teaches business leaders the following:

  • How to identify cyber risks
  • How to analyze corporate data
  • Where compliance requirements fit in
  • Strategies for managing risks
  • Monitoring and reviewing risk management activities
  • Planning for cybersecurity incidents

This course is Part 2 of Leading a Secure Organization, a set of modules that focus on leadership’s role in the organization’s security infrastructure. Leaders are encouraged to look at cybersecurity through a more familiar business risk lens to gain the information and perspective needed to make well-informed IT decisions.

Duration: 10 minutes

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  • Security Awareness

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