NY State Harassment Training

Managers and supervisors have added responsibilities when it comes to sexual harassment prevention — they must not engage in unlawful behavior themselves, they must know how to recognize and prevent the behavior in others, and they must know how to respond when someone comes to them as a victim of sexual harassment. NY state harassment training must make managers and supervisors aware of the extra requirements for these roles.

According to the law in New York, sexual harassment can occur between any individuals, regardless of their sex or gender. New York law protects employees, paid or unpaid interns, and non-employees, including independent contractors, and those employed by companies contracting to provide services in the workplace. Harassers can be a superior, a subordinate, a coworker or anyone in the workplace including an independent contractor, contract worker, vendor, client, customer or visitor.

Specialized Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The NY state harassment training law took effect on October 9, 2018, and requires all employees to be trained during 2019. In this interactive training from Global Learning Systems, managers are instructed on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment and retaliation as well as how to handle complaints with sensitivity and according to the law. The course uses real-life examples and scenarios to illustrate managers’ ethical and legal obligations across a range of challenging situations. After taking NY harassment training, your managers and supervisors will understand their responsibilities to actively discourage the behaviors that cause a hostile workplace and how to promote the behaviors that ensure a safe and respectful environment for all employees.

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