The FBI warns about a ransomware, posing as the FBI, that is targeting OS X Mac Users. This is a scam that someone I know personally experienced  on his PC a while ago, and in order to “unlock” his computer he was told he needed to pay a fine to the FBI. This was a Citadel malware platform used to deliver the ransomware called Reveton.

This newer version targeting OS X, uses JavaScript to load many iframes (browser windows), requiring victims to close each window. The victim’s computer will show a pop-up warning that looks like it is from the FBI, using in the URL, and in this warning it appears as though you have violated laws and must pay a $300 fine.

According to the FBI, “The simplest way to remove the ransomware’s iframes is by clicking on the Safari menu and choosing the “Reset Safari,” option, making sure all check boxes are selected. You may also hold down the Shift key while relaunching Safari, which will prevent Safari from reopening windows and tabs from the previous session. Victims can also disable the reopening feature across OS X from the General pane of System Preferences.”

Read the complete article from the FBI here. If this happens to you, never proceed with payment, and immediately file a complaint at

What is ransomware?

Ransomware, sometimes referred to as scareware, is made up of a class of malware and hinders access to the computer infected. In order for this to be removed, a ransom is requested to be paid. Like in the example above, the ransomware can be disguised as a trusted authority or company.

Attackers are constantly looking for new ways to attack victims. For this reason, it is vital to take your security awareness training seriously and apply security best practices at all times.