October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Are You Ready for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a perfect way to add some excitement to your year-round security training – or, a great way to introduce security awareness to your users. With a little bit of planning and some help from Global Learning Systems, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities at your organization could have a real impact.

Data protection is always a concern, and individual users need extra encouragement and training to do their part in protecting the organization’s critical data. This turnkey package is an excellent way to capitalize on Cybersecurity Awareness Month to reinforce this critical topic.

What You’ll Receive

You’ll get a set of materials designed to work together throughout National Cybersecurity Awareness month to drive the point home, including:

A 90-second, high-impact video that highlights the role of every employee as a first line of defense in protecting sensitive data.

Our fun and challenging Data Protection IQ Game that allows them to test their recognition of data privacy incidents–allowing users to get their personal Data Protection IQ score and learn how to better keep the organization’s and their own personal data secure.

Two eye-catching print or digital posters on data protection for use in the workplace on bulletin boards, digital displays or as screensavers.

And more…

For more information about our Resource Kit for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you.

Looking to extend your security awareness program beyond October? Learn more about the GLS Human Firewall 2.0 Security Awareness Program.

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