Mobile Device Protection

Because most professionals today use a combination of laptops, smartphones, and tablets to stay productive, mobile device protection has become more critical than ever. In many cases, these devices are used outside of a safe office environment. An unaware employee will inadvertently connect their device to the wrong Wi-Fi connection, and can quickly lose the sensitive data stored in the device.

A report called “Mobile Malware Evolution 2018” by Kaspersky Labs discovered that the number of mobile devices attacked by malware increased significantly between 2017 and 2018; the number went from 66.4 million devices to 116.5 million devices. That’s an astounding increase, especially since people know that public Wi-Fi is not secure, but a majority use it anyway. This short video uses examples and statistics to explain the danger of connecting mobile devices to public Wi-Fi, tips on mobile security for devices, and how to safely use public Wi-Fi.

Duration: 3 minutes

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