Leading a Secure Organization Training Series

Massive data breaches involving well-known organizations still dominate the headlines. With each hack of customer data, the same question becomes even more pressing – how could they let this happen? The responsibility rests squarely with the executive team. So, how can you keep your organization’s name out of the headlines? While cybersecurity is now clearly the purview of the C-suite, the concepts are often foreign to business leaders, who may not know the right questions to ask their IT and cybersecurity professionals. Security has to start at the top, and the current threat landscape demands that senior leaders take ownership of the organization’s security posture and culture.

GLS provides courseware modules specifically designed to educate your senior management on their unique role in the organization as high-risk targets and how to keep themselves, and by extension, the organization safe from cyber attacks. It also puts security and IT decisions into a business context and connects to the concept of building a security culture across the organization.

The training draws on examples from the headlines and illustrates how management-level attention and decisions could have made the difference between a minor breach and a major one. The course is provided as a single program, or as individual modules that respect the busy schedules of your leadership team. Each module has open navigation for targeting specific topics. The modules consist of:

  • Securing Your Data and Devices ‑ focuses on the business leader as a high-value target for cyber adversaries. Senior leaders will learn to recognize various attack strategies and take preventive measures. (15 minutes)
  • Managing Organizational Risk ‑ focuses on leadership’s role in the organization’s security infrastructure. Leaders are encouraged to look at cybersecurity through a more familiar business risk lens to gain the information and perspective needed to make well-informed IT decisions. (10 minutes)
  • Fortifying Your Human Firewall ‑ looks at strategies for creating an organization-wide culture of security as your best defense against attacks and to mitigate cyber risk. (7 minutes)

Leading a Secure Organization training from GLS achieves the following objectives, so business leaders will be able to:

  • Identify risks faced by those in leadership roles (spear phishing, secure data handling) and choose appropriate strategies to avoid becoming a victim or compromising sensitive data
  • Explain the cybersecurity landscape and the executive’s role in managing cyber risks and decisions within the business context
  • Choose appropriate strategies for advancing your cybersecurity leadership and maturing your organization’s security culture

Arm your leaders with simple, practical tips for protecting themselves and the organization. By the end of the training, senior leaders will have the critical knowledge they need to ask the right questions and make decisions concerning company-wide policies and security. Most importantly, they’ll understand the importance of building a secure culture.

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