Secure GeniusKeeping your sensitive data safe from hackers and internal threats is one of your top concerns in running your business. Even if you have skilled and conscientious employees and a training program in place, they still need to be kept up to date on security skills. A workplace that has regular training and education opportunities also fosters a culture of learning which helps make your organization more competitive and innovative. For security purposes, key concepts should also be covered at least once or twice a year. But you don’t have all the time in the world to retrain employees on your own, or have middle management take time out for assessment and training of skills gaps. If your business is home to a great deal of data that needs to be kept secure at all times, SecureGenius™ is the solution for turning all of your employees into a Human Firewall®.

Why You Need Periodic Security Skills Assessments Through SecureGenius™

  • More acute awareness of mitigating enterprise risk. Risk management is one of the primary goals of IT and information security skills assessment. Technological and regulatory risk changes so much in the course of just a year. Since SecureGenius™ trains your employees multiple times throughout the year, we educate your best and brightest to stay one step ahead of hackers.
  • Efficient and tailored education solution for employees of all skills levels. When setting up training programs in-house or using a “pre-packaged” outsourced training module, it may be too prefabricated for all of your employees’ skills levels and needs. With SecureGenius™’ on-demand library, you can customize your training program based on skills gaps or other criteria.
  • Our experts can design a training plan for you after assessing your staff. You may be unsure what an information security assessment should contain and what type of assessment is best for your organization. We create and manage the plan for you so that you and your management team can focus on running and growing your organization. Whether you need a general user or role-based training, our instructional design team can create a custom SecureGenius™ plan at any stage of the training cycle that best fits your organization’s needs.
  • SecureGenius™ isn’t just a test. Once one of your employees completes an assessment, they can immediately view the results and get links for related educational content based on areas that they tested poorly on. By receiving a visual cue to do this right away, this allows your employees will immediately follow up on addressing these skills gaps.
  • SecureGenius™ works at any point in the training cycle. SecureGenius™ assessments can be done prior to any training to determine security awareness knowledge and can tailor the program to your organization’s needs. Our assessments can also be done within the training program to gauge skills gaps and how it is affecting your staff’s knowledge and awareness. SecureGenius™ assessments can also be a “final exam” at the end of the training cycle to demonstrate that your staff has increased their knowledge in security best practices.

Whether you need a year-round information security update solution, one-time refresher courses and video training, or onboarding assessments Global Learning Systems has the right solution for you. Call us today to see what SecureGenius™ can do for your business and have peace of mind that your employees are receiving quality security awareness education.