Cybersecurity Responsibility

It’s a common misconception that cybersecurity responsibility falls only on the shoulders of the Information Security or IT department. While it’s true that the Information Security department needs to set the policies and infrastructure to protect data, it’s ultimately the individual responsibility of each employee to follow the best practices laid down in the organization’s security policies.

But that’s unfortunately not the case. On a busy day, even well-meaning employees slip up if they don’t have a security-first mindset. A study by BAE Systems found that 71 percent of security incidents were phishing attacks, and 65 percent of incidents were caused by untargeted viruses and malware accidentally installed by employees. This can change by promoting a security-minded culture within the organization.

This short video helps communicate just that. It points out the common mistakes that employees make when handling data, and more importantly, it lists the simple actions that employees can take in their day-to-day routine to secure information at the workplace. Further, it focuses on the importance of cybersecurity responsibility using engaging animation and examples to explain how individual behavior impacts overall information security.

Duration: 1 minute 29 seconds

cybersecurity responsibility
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