GLS Partners with Leading Insider Threat Management Provider ObserveIT to Deliver Targeted Training at the Moment of User Error

Global Learning Systems announced the expansion of its Human Firewall® approach to security awareness and user behavior change through partnership with leading insider threat management provider ObserveIT.

Washington D.C. — February, 2016 — Global Learning Systems (GLS), a leading provider of online security awareness and compliance training products and winner of the highest industry awards for its programs, announced today it is entering into a partnership with ObserveIT, a market leader in behavioral analytics and insider threat management.

As part of the Building Your Human Firewall® approach–a program that includes a pool of 200+ SecureGenius™ knowledge and skill assessment questions; a comprehensive content library of courses, modules and videos; the phishing exploit testing platform; and the SecurePerform™ method for data-driven program design–GLS is forming partnerships with leading behavioral analytics providers such as ObserveIT to deliver its content library to users at the moment of a policy violation or risky behavior.

“Over the past few years, the security awareness market has been broadening – moving from passive ‘awareness and training’ to more active ‘behavior shaping’ and culture management.” Perry Carpenter, Gartner Inc., Research Director, said.  “An ability to provide real-time, injective training or to automatically schedule future training based on detected behavior is a much needed next step in this progression.  By integrating security awareness and training solutions with insider threat, endpoint detection and user monitoring tools, organizations are able to more comprehensively deter insider threats and reinforce appropriate behavior.”

ObserveIT’s Insider Threat Management technology can detect not only bad actors, but also negligent users who make honest mistakes, get infected or violate company policies, such as unauthorized file sharing in cloud storage or unapproved software installation. The GLS content library has been designed to directly target common risky behaviors such as these, so at the moment of policy violation, behavioral analytics systems like ObserveIT can display a notification and connect the user directly to the associated GLS training product for just-in-time training and prevention of future violations.

“We are excited to partner with ObserveIT and other leading providers of endpoint detection technology to offer a comprehensive user monitoring and training program,” Larry Cates, President and CEO, GLS, said. “Our combined package of tools and services will provide the market with a single solution to fully manage their user-related risks. This unified solution detects risky behavior, utilizes GLS’ content library for baseline training and immediate remediation, and measures both knowledge and behavior to gauge progress and return on investment.”

With their suite of tools, services and strategic partners GLS is on the leading edge of taking security awareness to the next level and ensuring that user behavior risks are managed for client organizations.

About Global Learning Systems

Global Learning Systems provides security awareness and compliance training programs for employees that effectively promote behavior change, protect your organization and Strengthen Your Human Firewall®. In addition to carefully tailoring program materials to client needs, we offer an online learning platform, phishing simulation tool, courseware customization and high-touch customer service.

About ObserveIT

ObserveIT is the world’s leading insider threat management solution. ObserveIT detects insider threat and prevents data loss. ObserveIT’s award-winning insider threat management software combines employee monitoring, behavioral analytics, policy enforcement and dynamic forensic recording.  The company is based in Boston, MA and has over 1,200 customers worldwide, spanning a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare and retail.