GLS Announces SecureGenius™ Assessments to Discover Employee Security Knowledge Gaps and Intervene with Targeted Awareness Training

The SecureGenius™ Assessments are an added building block to GLS’ Human Firewall Security Awareness Training Program, providing organizations with a suite of security awareness assessments to determine security knowledge gaps then intervene with targeted training.

Washington D.C.—February, 2016—Global Learning Systems (GLS), a leading provider of online security awareness and compliance training products and winner of the highest industry awards for its programs, announced today an extensive expansion to its user assessment capability with the SecureGenius assessment suite.

This line of evaluations covers the complete GLS training library and aligns with the top user risk indicators to allow organizations to fully assess the security knowledge of their workforce, identify security skills gaps, intervene with training, and connect outcomes of the training with workplace security indicators.

“We are excited to add the SecureGenius assessment suite to our comprehensive Human Firewall® security awareness training program to help clients identify any cracks in the foundation related to employee knowledge gaps, then fill those gaps with instant and relevant training resources.” Larry Cates, CEO and President of GLS, said. “We continue to develop solutions that drive results for our client organizations with innovative tools that provide an end-to-end solution for security awareness, monitoring and supporting positive employee behavior change.”

SecureGenius can be used by organizations before training is delivered as a pre-assessment to report on the current performance level of an organization and determine the right training program to respond to its unique needs, at periodic intervals in an awareness program to see how training is affecting knowledge, and at the end of a program cycle to show an increase in knowledge of key security best practices.

The SecureGenius suite includes 15 pre-defined assessments (200+ questions) for organizations to leverage, and the GLS user assessment tool makes it simple for organizations to add new questions based on unique policies or security concerns. Once an end-user completes the assessment, there is an option to display the test results by topic and link directly to associated training content for immediate remediation of any security knowledge and skill gaps. This creates a just-in-time learning approach where end-users are instantly given training based on their responses.

On a broader scale, the OnDemand LMS offers organization-wide reporting on test outcomes to identify major gap areas across the employee base and prescribe targeted a training program based on those identified needs. The GLS library includes Security Short Videos, Information Security Best Practice Modules, and Information Security Awareness Courses to provide organizations with many options for targeted education, covering the topics they need for their specific knowledge gaps. The GLS OnDemand reports also make it easy to keep organizational stakeholders abreast of the progress and return on investment of an awareness program.

About Global Learning Systems

Global Learning Systems provides security awareness and compliance training programs for employees that effectively promote behavior change, protect your organization and Strengthen Your Human Firewall®. In addition to carefully tailoring program materials to client needs, we offer an online learning platform, phishing simulation tool, courseware customization and high-touch customer service.