Global Learning Systems Announces Release of New eLearning Program

Titled “Driving Business Change Using the 3C Model: Customer, Capability and Culture,” this program was created in partnership with Human Capital Associates, a premiere business and organizational change consultancy focused on supporting the realization of enterprise excellence.

Washington D.C.—June, 2015—Global Learning Systems (GLS), leading provider of online training solutions, has announced today the release of a new eLearning program on driving business change within organizations using a 3C model focused on customer, capability and culture.

In partnership with Human Capital Associates, experienced and proven leaders in driving enterprise excellence by unlocking organizational potential and capacity, the program includes the following three courses, each focused on one stage of the 3C Model: Customer, Capability and Culture. The three courses are delivered online, fully hosted in GLS’ OnDemand learning portal and can be purchased individually or as a comprehensive program.

“GLS has partnered with industry experts Human Capital Associates to create this best-of-breed, web-based program focused on allowing organizations to drive and implement business transformation. This unique program is presented in a format that allows any organization to now take this training and scale it across the enterprise,” Larry Cates, CEO and President, GLS, said.

These courses combine Lean and Six Sigma along with principles of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) to focus on the entire value stream, and give organizations a way to make decisions about where to invest in change that will pay dividends in customer loyalty, revenue and profits. The courses are between 30 and 60 minutes in length, are led by Human Capital Associates’ executives Robert Blaha and Charlie Johnson, and include activities throughout the program to test the knowledge of the learner.

“These courses go beyond arousing your intellectual curiosity and take you to actionable, doable change activity that will drive convergence and alignment in your organization. These courses can serve as a template and support your pursuit of business excellence. By focusing on this content, you begin the journey of making your organization faster, better, lower cost and more user friendly for your customers and your associates,” noted Charlie Johnson, Vice President, Human Capital Associates.

The program is intended for any individual, team or organizational group who desires to better understand their Customer, increase Capability to be more effective in meeting Customer needs and changing a Culture to better support this focus.

About Global Learning Systems

Global Learning Systems provides security awareness and compliance training programs for employees that effectively promote behavior change, protect your organization and Strengthen Your Human Firewall®. In addition to carefully tailoring program materials to client needs, we offer an online learning platform, phishing simulation tool, courseware customization and high-touch customer service.

About Human Capital Associates

Human Capital Associates (HCA) has been helping businesses realize enterprise excellence for over a decade. At HCA, we guide organizations to become better, faster, and more cost effective using a proven, powerful combination of Lean and Six Sigma – lean6sigmaSM. It’s how we do it that makes the difference. Our unique 3CSM approach pinpoints customer value, creates an enabling culture, and builds on your organizational capability to accelerate business performance and achieve sustainable results. Visit