Government Contractor Ethics Training

Title 48 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) contains focuses on a Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and contains a provision for government contractor ethics training. The rule has four primary elements:

  • It requires all contractors (including commercial items contractors and small businesses) to establish and promote awareness of a Code of Conduct.
  • It requires all contractors to disclose to the Government any “credible evidence” of (i) certain crimes, (ii) a violation of the civil False Claims Act (FCA), or (iii) a significant overpayment by the Government.
  • It provides for suspension/debarment for a contractor’s failure to “timely disclose” those same events if there is “credible evidence” to support a violation – even where the event occurred prior to the effective date of the new rule.
  • It mandates that large companies with non-commercial items contracts implement a comprehensive “internal control system.”

Contractor business ethics involves educating and aligning the actions of individuals with relevant laws and the preferred values of the organization. It also involves actively fostering an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law.

This government contractor ethics training course discusses the many benefits of promoting business ethics as well as the legal requirements of government contractors. It highlights the organization’s Code of Ethics and/or Business Conduct and asks learners to apply the Code to a series of hypothetical scenarios in which ethical issues may arise in the workplace. It also discusses responsibilities, procedures, and “whistleblower” protections associated with reporting ethics and/or legal violations.

Duration: 45 minutes

  • Employment Law

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