Security is everyone’s responsibility, and you can help

Password and email security

  • You are responsible for frequently changing your password and consistently logging out of your account when you are done with your session. This best practice is required to be sure you are doing what you can to prevent a security breach. You don’t want an attacker using your account to send out malicious data in your name.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. We can’t say this enough. Each online account needs to have a different password associated with it.
  • Don’t store your passwords in your email accounts and other insecure locations.
  • Your private emails are not really private. Anything you write via email has the potential to be printed, forwarded and replied to by the recipient(s). Even if you trust the recipient(s), keep in mind it is not secure to disclose sensitive confidential data through email.
  • Never click on links in an email.  A best practice is to always visit the link directly in your browser.  This will help you avoid a large number of attacks.
  • Be wary of attachments.  Only download attachments if you are expecting them and 100% sure who is sending them, even then, verify with the sender that it was intended for you.

Security Awareness Training is vital to ensure your staff is aware of security threats and safety precautions.