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This April Fool’s Day, even the brightest of the bunch will fall for pranks. Don’t become a victim of Cyber predators.

TOP 10 ways to become a security fool.
You have probably seen at least one of these methods before.  Don’t fall for it!

  1. Clicking the link that says you just won $1,000,000. Come on, Really?
  2. Responding to your foreign “friend” who emails you saying  you have an unclaimed inheritance
  3. Providing your social security number to the Sweepstakes you have just “won”
  4. Forwarding the picture of a two-headed horse (no one wants to see this anyway)
  5. Making your password for all your accounts QWERTY123 (or password, or monkey, etc.)
  6. Putting your home address, phone number, and every current location on your social profiles
  7. Giving credit card information online in order to receive a “free” gift in the mail
  8. Inserting an unknown device into your work or home computer
  9. Posting confidential business information on your social sites
  10. Leaving your work computer unattended, unlocked, and logged in

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