Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge


Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge Course

A comprehensive overview of core information security concepts with learning activities designed to promote faster adoption of secure practices and keep organizational data safe – from data classification and remote user security to insider and social engineering threats and ransomware attacks

Course Description

Despite the best efforts of organizations worldwide, cybercrime – and the cost associated with it – is rising rapidly. What cost the global economy $3 trillion in 2015 is projected to cost a stunning $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. This is due to the relentless and growing sophistication and targeting by cyber criminals and hackers. Unfortunately, ongoing human error and poor security awareness practices continue to be the biggest threat to protecting information security.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge focuses on mitigating the risk of human error by providing a robust overview of the core concepts of information security – including classifying data, handling sensitive data, recognizing insider threats, creating strong passwords, securing mobile devices, working securely from home, and recognizing and avoiding social engineering threats like phishing.

The course engages users by describing real-life security challenges and asking them to choose the best course of action for each challenge and includes a final 8-question quiz.

Topic Security Awareness
Delivery Format Courseware
Role/Audience All Employees
Total Time 30 Minutes
Block Foundation
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GLS’s Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge is essential for any organization that is required to deliver annual security training or is seeking to strengthen and enhance its overall security posture.

  • Foundational training on all common aspects of key information security topics and best practices
  • Engages learners in hands-on problem-solving using case-study-based examples
  • Key concepts behind classifying and handling sensitive data, recognizing insider threats, creating strong passwords, securing mobile devices, and recognizing and avoiding phishing and ransomware threats

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction – Communicates the need for a strong information security program, individual responsibility and the consequences of not having one

Module 2: Data Classification and Protection – Explains the importance of classifying data correctly and using strong passwords—and also how to handle, share, and protect data from unauthorized disclosure and insider threat

Module 3: Mobile & Remote Office Security – Teaches how to protect and secure data when using mobile devices and working from home or a remote office

Module 4: Social Engineering – Describes common social engineering tactics, such as phishing, baiting, quid pro quo, and tailgating—and provides best practices to avoid becoming a victim

Module 5: Final Reminders – Reinforces the importance of information security awareness and how organizational employees are the best line of defense against cyberattacks

Quiz – Tests the user’s knowledge via a scenario-driven eight-question quiz

Upon Completion, Learners Will Be Able To

  • Describe the importance of information security

  • Understand the impact of their personal security habits

  • Apply best practices for handling and sharing sensitive data

  • Understand how to create strong passwords

  • Recognize the red flags associated with insider threats

  • Implement best practices for protecting mobile devices and the data in them

  • Improve the security of data they handle when working from home

  • Recognize social engineering threats such as phishing, pretexting, baiting, quid pro quo and tailgating

  • Follow universal best practices for avoiding social engineering threats and ransomware attacks

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