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2012 Security Breaches are Overwhelming

In 2012 millions of accounts were compromised in an overwhelming amount of security breaches reported this year, and we still have a few months left. The largest 2012 account breaches so far included Zappos, Twitter and LinkedIn. Internet users are feeling vulnerable and not following safety best practices.

  • A recent Harris poll showed that 3 out of 5 surveyed felt they were vulnerable to being hacked online
  • Half of those surveyed do not change their password regularly
  • 72 percent of US adults are concerned about their online data being used without their permission and of this same group, 36 percent store their personal information (like credit card information) on websites for convenience
This Dashlane infographic visually shows these findings highlighting the user responsibilities individuals are neglecting as well as the overwhelming amount of 2012 security breaches. By simply being aware of the threats and taking simple precautions, you can drastically reduce the chance for a successful attack.
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