Social Media ComplianceWhen running a business, advertising is important. In today’s world, social media provides an effective and cost-conscious tool businesses can use to get their product into the public mind. From Instagram to Facebook, a single post on a business’s page has the potential to reach an audience of millions. On a personal level, social media helps us stay connected with friends, acquaintances, and family members across the globe.

While social media has many benefits, you should always be sure to approach posting content with caution. Knowing what to post on your company’s profile is important, as it can help you stay out of potential legal trouble, protect your brand, and prevent confidential information from being exposed. Additionally, all of your employees should be conscious of the content they post on their private profiles, as it could reflect poorly on the inpidual or the company.

Practicing responsible posting is all part of an important social media security plan. Educating both yourself and your company through programs designed to teach responsible posting can increase your company’s ability to successfully and safely market itself online. At Global Learning Systems, we offer many courses that help teach company employees how to maintain information security best practices. One of our most popular and successful courses is our course on social media compliance, titled “Responsible Use of Social Media.” Investing in this course for your company’s employees can help them become social media savvy while increasing your staff’s sense of responsibility.

In today’s business environment almost all successful individuals, organizations, and products are represented by online social site profiles, so it is important that your employees understand how to use these sites to their fullest while remaining effective and safe.

Additionally, it is important that your employees understand the specific legal issues they can run into by misusing social media sites, whether it be the company’s or their personal profile. In fact, misuse of social media profiles can lead to charges as serious as libel. Aside from potential legal issues, poor conduct on social media can lead to a loss of valued customer relationships, a sense of distrust surrounding your brand and other unfortunate situations.

Accidentally revealing private employee, customer or company information is one of the biggest worries of running a social media campaign. In a recent report done by Capital One for National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, it was found that over 60 million incidents of social media breaches took place over the last year alone. With this high rate of security breaches, it is important that every employee is completely aware of any repercussions their posting may have on the company.

Unfortunately, many employees are simply unaware of the guidelines they should follow to ensure responsible social media use and do not realize how they may be putting corporate protection at risk. Thankfully, Global Learning Systems’ “Responsible Use of Social Media” course can teach them in a clear and quick manner how to avoid these dire consequences.

With easy to understand guidelines and a brief 20-minute duration, our course provides the practical knowledge your employees need for responsible social media conduct. Overall, the “Responsible Use of Social Media” course will provide information including: why social media is important, the best practices for communication, the potential negative consequences of misuse, what information can and cannot be shared and much more. Knowing the most responsible ways to navigate social media can help employees avoid the risk of termination due to improper social media use, like this inpidual.

Know that you know just how beneficial Global Learning Systems’ course can be for your company, make sure to contact us soon to set up a session for your employees. We tailor our course to fit the needs of every customer separately, so always feel free to ask our support staff any and all questions.