I am very excited to announce our new Anti-Phishing training program. It is our hope that through this education, employees across the globe will become aware of these sophisticated phishing threats, understanding how to identify them and how to respond, keeping both the individual and their organization secure.

As I posted several weeks ago, my husband was recently a victim of a sophisticated phishing attack posing as Google Docs, but because of his knowledge, he recognized the attack for what it was and stayed protected. To me, this clearly shows the importance of education and awareness in order to maintain security, as he almost fell for the well-disguised attack.

This course teaches employees about phishing and social engineering threats through a scenario-based, online format with gamification and achievement elements to engage and challenge the user’s understanding of these attacks. The course has three rounds, and in each round, learners are challenged to recognize common types of phishing and social engineering attacks and choose the safest course of action.

By not only telling the user what phishing is, but also testing them on detecting a phishing attack, the learner is engaged and learns how to quickly identify the attack and take proper action. We also work with organizations to create the right program for their specific needs. In addition to the online course (which is fully hosted, globally, for 24/7 delivery), the program can include testing and simulated attacks, posters, quick tips cards and newsletters to offer multiple channels of communication.

For more information on the course, a free trial and a quote, visit this page. Contact us today to discuss how your organization can start on an anti-phishing program.