Partnerships and Certifications

Join our Network of Worldwide Partners

Global Learning Systems works with numerous partners around the world to bring additional value to our customers and yours. The GLS Partner Program is designed to recognize your expertise, reward you for the total impact you have in the marketplace and deliver value to help your business thrive.
If you are interested in pursuing a partner relationship with Global Learning Systems, please contact us.

Content Partners

GLS embraces content innovators seeking new channels  by providing distribution into enterprise and small- and medium-sized business (SMB) markets. We can help you effectively extend your reach by promoting your content into areas where we already have a presence.

Technology Partners

GLS is always interested in technologies that offer greater efficiency, effectiveness and customer convenience. We pursue mutually beneficial partnerships that drive your technology into new markets while improving our ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Channel Partners

In highly competitive markets, differentiating your solution is essential. An effective way to stand out is by adding Security Awareness Training (SAT) to expand the scope of your core solution. GLS can add value to every sales conversation and help position you for success as you offer solutions for your customer.