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Customer Engagement Vital for Organizational Success

I am excited to announce that our CEO Larry Cates was featured in SIIA’s Vision from the Top 2013 Publication discussing how customer engagement will significantly change the market and how effective eLearning and OnDemand support can help.

Here are a few of my personal favorite points in the article:

  • The impact of building a community of engaged users around your software, also has a direct impact on your bottom line through lower customer turnover or “churn” rates, resulting in stronger customer adoption and retention levels.     
  • Successful organizations focus on building a community of loyal members rather than a portfolio of users.
  • You need to implement a proactive customer communication plan that provides value to your customers (product updates, new features, fun facts), responsive support services, and a clear understanding as to where your customers want to go with your product or service.
  • Using OnDemand eLearning provides clients with a real-time opportunity to enhance their knowledge, productivity and satisfaction with your products and services.
  • Effectively distributed eLearning within an OnDemand SaaS environment, linked to your product offering, rapidly engages customers so they build loyalty to your software, rather than detach from it due to a variety of competing influences on their time and focus.
  • If our customers don’t engage with our evolving solutions, they will certainly feel disconnected and move on to another solution that meets their needs and requirements.

To read the full article click here.


Compliance Program-More than just ?one and done?

The value of developing an annual plan for your compliance training

How many times have you taken a course, then three weeks after the course is over, you think to yourself, I probably remember about half of what I was taught, if that? Well, you aren’t alone, and in order to effectively communicate the importance of security best practices, we need to supply learners with as many tools as we can to ensure they understand, retain and implement what they have learned.

This is why it is important to develop an annual plan that includes different touch points throughout the year. We have helped many clients adopt the strategy of offering mini-modules (2-3 minute topical videos) throughout the year, accompanied with posters, newsletters and other internal reminders. These augment the annual compliance course (complete with activities and quizzes) which is also available as a shorter refresher course.

In addition to mini-modules another idea is to offer a custom video from your leadership. This provides a personal touch and re-iterates how vital it is to keep your organization secure. We want learners to understand that security is their responsibility, and by utilizing multiple tools annually, this will be reinforced through multiple channels.

For more ideas and information on our compliance programs check out our awareness plan page or contact us here.

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